What we do

Our team coils around the principles of circularity. We envision a new mindset on material culture, one that does not solely rely on new resources, but finds comfort in appropriating what is already there. We focus on how the re- prefix generates creativity and builds authentic; social and sustainable models for the future. We embrace circular thinking for its potential to connect the socio-economical and physical links and appease conflict.

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Who we are

We are a team of like-minded independent researchers and educators from Europe and the USA who want to test the architects’ potential in dealing with complex -and often conflicting- urban realities. We advocate a context-specific; trans-disciplinary; hands-on; holistic approach to planning, by creating meaningful encounters for communication and exchange ultimately aiming to make architecture informed by what it is to be fully human. 

Clarisse Labro: Architect, lecturer at EPFL Lausanne, instructor at Parsons Paris, Strate école de Design and co-founder of Labro & Davis architectural practice.
Markus Berger: Interior Architect/ Architect, Associate Professor, Rhode Island School of Design, founder of The Repair Atelier and the Int|AR journal
Olga Ioannou: Architect Engineer, PhD NTUA, lecturer at National Technical University Athens and co-founder of Ioannou | Karvelas Architectural Studio

Can we talk about Eleonas?

Our endeavor begins in Eleonas; a derelict, post-industrial site in Athens currently accommodating the city’s informal scrap trade as well as its vast weekly-run flea market. Our primary project is to explore the opportunities and to identify the challenges of establishing a series of circular practices in the area, while also dismantling phenomena of social disparity and spatial injustice. We plan to do so through collaborative city-making, engaging with local stakeholders, academics, professionals and students in a series of ‘work and play’ events to discuss and to plan together socially and economically sustainable activities for the future.

Full Circle Definition & Principles

“through a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation or to a complete reversal of the original position —usually used in the phrase come full circle” Merriam-Webster

Principle 1

To “lead back to the original source” .. an architecture for the body and soul (instead of one that is driven by regulations and power and intellect only)

Principle 2

“A complete reversal of the original position” …as in architecture that all new is always better

Principle 3

“To come full circle” …be part of a circular material economy (as architects and designers)

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